23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 4/6/2016 - Gospel: Lk 14:25-33
There are things visible to our eyes and things are invisible to our eyes; the former belong to the physical world and the latter belong to the non physical world. Things are visible to our eyes we can estimate its capacity, its dimensions and its weigh. We know that things are invisible to our eyes existing through feelings and some are lucky to have a personal encounter with the invisible. Apart from personal experiences or encounter to the invisible things we have no other methods of finding that they exist in the world. Things that belong to the physical world are for the mind to learn from while things that belong to the invisible world is for a heart to learn. Everyone with a sound mind is endowed with the capacity to estimate things of the physical world around him. Some are doing a better job than others because of their profession or having more experience in life. Judging a situation in life is an art and it is necessarily for survival because a wrong judgement on family matters leads to a broken relationship; carelessness decision on a road leads to a fatal accident and it may hurt for life; a rush in decision making may be harmful for someone's business.

There are ways that help a mind, not a heart, to follow in the process of estimation. First, it is the ability to receive information from the surroundings and the ability to remember the information. Second, it is the ability to judge information correctly and finally the ability to reason for making decisions. However this method is unpractical for the invisible world because there are no matters that serve as foundations for the mind to start.

When a person recognizes how the mind and heart work that person can see the connections between the visible and the invisible world. The two different worlds are complementing each other. It helps us to see that what is able to see is able to cease and ceasing is not vanishing but being transformed into something invisible to our eyes. Some deny this transformation; others half believe and the transformation world becomes the spiritual world for those who believe in Jesus. The spiritual world talks to our hearts and those who listen to the voice of the heart and follow its way will live a life of faith in God because God is love.

The mind has the capacity to judge what we can do and what it can't; the heart has the capacity to speak about love. It happens when we open ourselves for change because through the voice of the heart we may have personal experiences of the unknown and have faith in it. Any attempt to deny the existence of love of the invisible world is a lie to oneself because everyone knows that love exists beyond a human life. To deny that there is no love after death is to deny there is no spiritual world, no everlasting love. This belief is indefensible unless that person gives it a different name.