15th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 10/7/2016 - Gospel: Lk 10:25-37
Spiritual impurity
The words purity and impurity or grace and disgrace are used to describe about the feelings of a person. What is said or done reveals the state of purity or impurity from within a person. An action is only the manifestation of what is hidden from inside a person's heat. Ancient society was very much focussing to the state of being holiness of the soul while modern society is much more concerning with the state of affair of our physical body; the former was very strict in its interpreting of the concept of what is pure and impure while the latter is very broad in its interpretation of the concept. Wealth and glory of this world are the main factors driven to redefine the meanings of the concept. We need to respect the human rights, the rights of our own and the rights of others, but the claim to have full freedom of using our own body in a way we like is a false claim because we don't own our body. We are the stewards of our body. God alone is the author of life and death. We are the stewards of our body and as a steward we have the responsibility to take care of the human body and share the world resources for everyone to enjoy.  Our children and parents and friends are God's gift given to us and in due time God will take them back to Himself. We should not mourn as if God has taken our loved ones from us but give thanks to God for entrusting them to us to take care of.

Our heart always desires for God's love. Lacking of God's love makes a heart hungry and thirst for true love. World glory may ease a heart's desire but it would never make the heart satisfy because it doesn't offer true love the heart is looking for.

Spiritual purity improvement aims to make a person to become a better person, to gain more God's grace and leading us toward God. True holiness comes from God and anything that comes from God gives life and sanctifies life. We have not much say about life and death but are grateful for what we received from God. Any action which acts against the spiritual purity improvement is impurity against the holiness of God. Using world material to support the sanctity of life is an act of grace; exploitation of life for personal gain is an act of disgrace. An action denies true love is unlovable. When a person denies the existence of God then that person will take his life in his own hands. To deny the existence of God means to live a life of one's own power. God becomes void in their life. It is an act of arrogance and arrogance is a form of idolatry.

When God creates a person God gives that person the freedom to reject what is evil and choose what is good. A spiritual person uses the power of freedom with utmost caution in choosing. They try hard to avoid evil and try to do good. Material world should not be used as the obstacles to drag us down to a material person but through them we sow God's love for the world by acts of charity. We all possess the power to uphold goodness and make life less burdensome and that is the goals of life a spiritual person should aim at.