The Holy Family Sunday Year C - 27/12/2015 - Gospel: Lk 2:41-52
We understand that a family consists of parents and children or a single mum or single dad or just a husband and a wife. We celebrate the birth of Jesus who was born into a human family to make an ordinary family a holy family. The holy family is the model of holiness for all who wish to learn from them. It is the model of holiness simply because every member of that family respects each other.

In such a family parents fulfil their roles and children submit themselves to obey their parents. The members of the family place themselves under the protection and guidance of God's love. It is God who makes the family holy and God is the centre of the family life in the way they live and communicate and behave. Everything in their life evolves from God's love and for God's love. They live for God and keep God's commandment to love and share that love with others. They learn to accept their limitations and imperfections. They learn to forgive and be forgiven. They learn to experience God's love regularly through prayer both at home and at a community level.

The holy family lived in our world and they have experienced ups and downs of family life as all families do. When problems occurred they didn't solve the problems alone by their own wisdom and knowledge but rather they relied on God's wisdom and trusted that God's grace is wiser than their own knowledge. Mistakes that are the cause of disharmony and that are judgemental are the bad mistakes; while mistakes that are helping to learn to grow in maturity and wisdom are good mistakes. Through mistake the holy family learnt that Jesus belongs to the Eternal Father.

Open and honest communication will eliminate assumption and diminish conflicts in the world. Let us learn from their mistakes as we reflect on our own family life and on our relationships with friends. Do not be afraid of making mistakes but pray and hope to learn from mistakes to growth and comes closer to God. 

The Christmas Festival has brought joy and relaxation for the parish community. I congratulate the organizing committee and thank those who in different ways had contributed to the Christmas lights display and the Festival. I thank the choirs for their professionalism and dedication to music and for using their voices to praise the Lord. A special thank to Peter and Margaret and other helpers for the BBQ and the piety shop and the refreshment committee with delightful homemade cakes and friendly service. Your cheerful service has certainly made the hospitality of our parish well know. I thank Santa and those who organized the activities of 'Family Night' that made the birth of our Lord more meaningful to children. David Joy has done a marvellous job in sound and upload the parish activities on our website- thank you.

The Christmas Festival is one of many significant events that occurs at the parish level and I am grateful for your involvement in these events throughout the year. You aren't parishioners of the pew but off the pew- active and outreach parishioners in various ministries who make God's love visible to others. I am very grateful for your contribution and wish you a joyful hearts and a grace- filled year which is the Christmas blessing for all people of good will.