Baptism of the Lord Sunday Year B - 11/1/2015 - Gospel: Mk 1, 6b-11
The threefold ministry
The birth of Jesus reveals a true relationship between the heavenly kingdom and us. It began with the Announcement to Mary and her 'yes' acceptance. It then followed by St Joseph who received the guidance from his dreams to save the Holy Family from danger and then the announcement to the shepherds and the guiding star to the three wise men. The revelation continues as we had the presentation to the temple which was followed by the Baptismal of Jesus. As He rose from the water and the heavenly voice from on high declaring:

You are my Son, the Beloved; my favour rests on you Mk 1,11

There is another sign accompanied the voice from on high and it was the presence of the Spirit, like a dove, descending on him. The Baptism of Jesus brings the Christmas celebration come to its conclusion and there are more revelations to follow and that is the beginning of the cleansing process, the sins of the world which is about to begin.

Jesus began His mission on earth He identified himself as one of us. The One without sin accepts our sins and goes through the water of baptism to fulfil the laws of the land. Although He needs no baptismal but to show us by an example He received the Baptism. Those who follow His path and the glory of His teachings about the heavenly kingdom will share the same voice from on high: You are my Son, the Beloved, my favours rests on you.

We are able to share the glorious voice from on high simply because Jesus baptizes us not with the ordinary water but with the Spirit of God and that makes us children of God. Being baptized with the Spirit of God we share the same mission that Jesus undertook.

First, Jesus is the Eternal priest who allows us to share that priesthood of Christ. To make the priesthood alive we need to pray often as Jesus did and it is good for our spiritual growth. As the Eternal Priest Jesus offers himself as the sacrifice to remove our sins. Jesus has done it for all and we are unable to do it but we can share the priesthood of Christ by offering God some of our times and gifts and talents to serve others.

Second, Jesus is the Eternal King who allows us to share the kingship of Christ. We need to share God's kingship and government by doing works of charity and to show our love to the community in which we belong and to the world. People will benefit from these of our active ministries because it shows to the world that the words of God are not empty but they are active and life giver.

Third, Jesus is the Eternal Prophet who reveals God, speaks to us about God, and the truths of God. In sharing the prophetic of Jesus we need to speak to others about God and reconfirm the truth of Jesus to ourselves and communicate it to others.  Practicing the threefold ministry: priest, prophet and king we make our baptismal active and alive in our lives.