33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 15/11/2015 - Gospel: Mk 13: 24-32
The end time
Every year the Church reminds us about the end time. It is the gentle and friendly reminder recapitulating the reality that when we are born we exist for a limited of time on earth and then through the water of baptism we reborn into eternal life. Some have a long life while for others their journeys are shorter but there will be an end time for everyone and the final end time for the entire world. An individual's end time is big for a family to cope with but relatively small for the world's end. We are here on earth for a specific purpose. What counts is not how long do you live on earth but rather how much love you can pour into it to enrich your own life and the lives of others, to make your faith life as active and valuable as possible.

Because there is an end time for each one of us, we need to live a life prepared for it whenever it comes. There are signs warning us that our end time may be near but we fail to interpret them. The reasons can be varied. Some have flooded their lives with many things that are currently important for them; others may put things aside arguing that it is too early in their lives and they would think about it later in life; others again don't believe in the eternal life all together and ignore entirely the end time. We, Christians constantly need to remind ourselves that individual's end time may strike at any time, including the time when we least expected.

There is no escape from the end time and our Christian wisdom dictates that a wise person is the one who prepares for the end time daily. How to prepare for it? Individual end time is the time you are going to see your Maker. No one is well prepared for it but with acts of love and charitable works it is the perfect gift you can bring with you to the grant meeting. You will enjoy a fatherly welcome at heavenly home because you have been grown in God's love and make that love known to others. With acts of love and charitable works your fear of an individual end time will be lessened to the minimum level.
Death is no more our enemy but our companion on our faith journey towards God. We need to spend wisely a few minutes each day to prepare for it. It is not a waste of time but a time well spent and wisdom is unfolded in acts of love and charitable works. A constructive life is a life that strikes a balance between taking care of ourselves and providing cares for others. Simplicity and humility is the way that leads to holiness.

Simplicity and humility manifests itself through acts of love and charitable works and that is a certain way to confer about God's kingdom when our pilgrimage comes to an end. It is our brightest future because our hope in God has been fulfilled. We will see God face to face and we are submerged in God's love and that perfect love will distinguish forever all pain and tears.