30th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 25/10/2015 - Gospel: Mk 10:46-52
"Take courage, get up, Jesus is calling you." v.

These words are addressed to the blind man, Bartimaeus. Take courage, fear not, to welcome the change; change the present situation; change the conditions of life; break off from the pass and welcome the new life which offers so much love and hope and mercy from Jesus.

Change the present situation

Before Jesus made the call, many people stopped and scolded the blind man who called out to Jesus. The man didn't stop but shouted louder. The words of Jesus have the power to make a complete change to the minds and hearts of many. It changed the mind and heart of the blind man and the crowds, people who once stopped the blind man from calling to Jesus have now told him to have the courage to come to Jesus. The words of Jesus ended the misery the man had endured for years, sitting on the road side begging for food. He now moved freely and earned for his living with his own labour. He sat no more on the road side but has become the follower of Jesus and talked to others about how Jesus gave him his sight. He used to have no friends but only those who had pity on him and offered him food. Becoming the believer of Jesus he was friends of the apostles and with the crowds and those who believed in Jesus. He became a member of a community of faith in Christ.

Change the conditions of life

The blind man used to dress in rags but now dressed properly and always had a smile on his face full of confidence and love. He enjoys the beauty of sunrise and sunset and the beauty of the world around him. He had no future and now has a bright future. His hopes and dreams are real and he is trotting along the road with Jesus who opened his eyes and strengthened his faith and inspired him to live a life of faith. Meeting Jesus made an unknown man become a well known man and whenever the Good News is preached his story is being retold to praise God's power and mercy.

He is a model of an active listener. He had only heard about Jesus, never set sight on Jesus and yet he knew Jesus who came from Nazareth, Son of David and Jesus had the power to open his eyes. His request was very simple: "Master, let me see again."

The blind man opens our mind to understand that the beauty of faith is seen through the eye of faith and physical eyes help to enjoy the beauty of creation. The miracle strengthens the man's faith, not giving faith but reinforce it.

"Go, your faith has saved you",
said Jesus to confirm that the blind man had faith in Jesus before he was able to see. He saw with the eyes of faith and a loving heart before he was able to see with the physical eyes.