14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 5/7/2015 - Gospel: MK 6:1-6
Able via unable
Scientists have unlocked things that our ancestors believed belonged to the mysterious world. Such believes are no more feasible because today scientists are able to explain them for children to learn in school text books. We are able to understand our world better than before. The knowledge we have of the universe is only in one single digit and the rest of it is unknown to us. Dead things don't cause problems. The movements in nature mean the universe is in active. They are normal in nature but are disasters when they occur near the earth. 

Nature continues to dictate our lives because we are part of the natural world and we depend on nature for survival. We have no power to control the heat waves and the cold. Rain is out of proportion causing flood and drought here and there. Old diseases are under control and new outbreaks cause fear and concern. Faced with pain and misery people ask questions about the existence of the loving God and place their faith in science as an alternative because they think God has no solution to solve our social problems. There is no doubt scientists are able to explain things and they can predict when a natural disaster is going to happen but have no solution to control it.

Human invention in organizing the social fabrics seems to create crises in many areas of the human life and as well as causes harm to natural world. Massive clearing of lands for development with bad irrigation planning projects and ignorant industrial waste treatment are contributing to the cause that harms the atmosphere. The gap between the rich and the poor becomes deeper. Misplaced people around the world are numbered in millions. Same sex married is now available. Such recognition by laws would not make marriage more stabled and a happier lifestyle. The rate of divorced is increasing. The working hour is reduced and no more heavy work is involved and yet the fear of losing a job and the stress in the work place is mounting. More people need mental treatment. Transportation is faster and yet more people live in isolation and are lonely. Experts in these fields work hard to find solutions but when they find one it soon gives birth to another one which is even harder to solve.

Today's gospel tells us that people were looking for miracles but when Jesus came they rejected Him and he was unable to help many. We meddle in the orders of nature and as well in God's work. God asked us to help one another but we prefer to do it without God. We want to do it our way, not God's. We want to control of our own lives. We deny the power of God which is active in the world and in our lives. We blame God for today's messy world and who is your children going to blame for a messy planet they inherit from us.