11th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 14/6/2015 - Gospel: Mk 4:26-34
Modern technology devices are designed to have a high speed for an instant result within a second and it becomes the way of life for the modern commercial world. Faster speed is the real trend of competition in the open market because faster speed means faster results and faster results mean more money is being made and more money means better profits for a company and rapid growth means better recognition by a society and more power given for the firm. Fame and profits are what a company aims to achieve and a faster speed in technology plays a big part of the life of a company. As a result it puts enormous pressure on both technicians who create the high speed devices and as well as on the consumers. When a company enters the race the speed of providing services determines whether the company is in existence or it is on the way out and the latter means the years of saving that were invested into the market would be melted down and disappeared in the thin air. The fast track result is the new rule for the commercial market but it is not the way of the Gospel. The way of the Gospel seems to be going not concurrent with the market trend. The way of the Gospel is an ongoing process, slow and steady but firm established. There is one exception and that is that a Christian would pray to have an instant result when their time is ripe and would like God to let them go quickly, not to hang on to the pain and be a burden for their loved ones.

The Catholic Church in the world provides services for the human race to ease the stress and pressure and is calling to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor that the commercial world has created by means of competition and the profits made. The Church is for the human race in the sense that it is fighting against anything that devalues of a human at any age because the message of the Good News is not for the Church profits but for benefit of all people. The message of love is more about the process of gradual deepening our faith in God and growing in love for humanity. The Church employs the modern technology to spread the message of the Gospel to people near and far. Those whose faith active will embrace the message with love and it will enlighten their minds but for those who care nothing about the message they will ignore it. The message of the Gospel is not being destroyed but sleeping, waiting for the right moments to growth.

Furthermore, the Church is not in the competition with the commercial world because today's Gospel reading seems to suggest that the process of the seed sown sprouting and growing is not in our power. Our mission is sowing the seeds and harvesting it in due course and the rest of it would be in God's hand. God alone decides what happens to the seeds sown to the open market. When and how the seeds grow is in God's own time and space. We are doing the mission, sowing the message of God's love and acts of mercy and the final results will entirely depend on God, not us.