7th Sunday of Easter Year A - 1/6/2014 - Gospel: Jn 17: 1-11a
Drawing in the sky
Once drawing in the sky by a plane was famous to catch the attention of onlookers. The drawing takes time and by the time the aeroplane has finished the last letter the first few letters had already faded away. As children we would love the letters to last much longer but we were powerless to stop it. We kept on looking into the sky for a few moments and then went on with our game. Today's gospel reports that the apostles looked into the sky to see Jesus' exaltation to the Father and when they saw Him no more they continued looking into the sky. The way Jesus went the apostles couldn't follow. There are things in life we would like to keep but are powerless to do so. We see a fatal car accident coming but we are powerless to help that person. We predict the El Nino is coming and are powerless to stop it. We see our loved ones struggle to breath but we are powerless to save the last breathe.
 The apostles saw the Crucifixion and the Resurrection and the Ascension of Jesus. They were guarantors to what they saw but did nothing until they received the power from the Holy Spirit as Jesus commanded them to do. Their witness was not simple human witness but affirmed by the Holy Spirit. Jesus' exaltation means Jesus leaves the earthy body to take up the new body, the Mystical Body which is invisible to our eyes. The visible mystical body of Christ on earth is the Church Christ established.

The Bible told us that while the apostles were looking into the sky, dumbfound, the two angels told to them that Jesus has been taken up into heaven. The saying implied what they saw were not their imagination but real and true in every aspect. Jesus was no longer with them in the way he used to be but they could meet Him through the breaking of bread and gathering in His name.
Because Christ's work of salvation is a free gift for the human race and anyone who confesses that Christ is the Son of God and is an active witness for Jesus that person will be saved. His exaltation is our means of salvation; it means that the man Jesus presents to the whole of human race before God and where he is his followers would be there also.

Since Pentecost comes to the world we are not being witnessed for Christ alone but are accompanied by the Spirit. Being an active witness for Jesus means we invite Christ into our lives. He is in us and we are in him. All our words and deeds and feelings of joys and sorrows must reflect the Spirit of Christ.

By the Ascension Christ lifted us up from dust- made to heaven and that is our true homeland.  For Christians heaven is our destination when we have completed our earthly journey. Being an active witness to Jesus in our ministry is practicing heavenly ways and become accustomed to the heavenly manners through charity and love. We do not stand gazing up into heaven because there is work to be done. As parts of the mystical Body of Jesus, parts should listen and cooperate with the head, not having a mind of its own.