34th Sunday - Christ The King- Year A - 23/11/2014 - Gospel: Mt 25: 31-46
The Cosmic Christ
It is a disgrace when you live in a country and you don't know the leader of the nation. It is equally as bad when the leader of the nation is being ignored because it makes it harder to govern when people have no respect for their leader. The feast of Christ the King reminds all the faithful that Christ is the King of the universe and we need to know about him. We need to give him the utmost respect and put his teaching into practice- The command, to love God with all your heart, your soul and your mind and to others as yourselves, sums up all his teaching, his policy on earth. Because Christ is the King of the universe and therefore our true citizenship is not here on earth but it is somewhere we call- heaven- and that is our final destination when our journey on earth comes to an end. While on earth there is something for us to do because we Christians can't be idle and must be active in our daily lives.

We are members of the Church and we are called to guard not the national boundary or to protect power and safety and expand his reign.  Our universal king requires us to do nothing for his own benefit because God in his fullness lacks of nothing. We are called to continue the works Christ had established on earth and that is caring for the poor, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry and quenching the thirst, welcoming the strangers and homeless and visiting the sick and the housebound. These are the universal requirements to work for God's kingdom on earth and that is the universal policy of God's kingdom. Those who truly love Jesus, who is our supreme leader, must comply with that universal policy within our capacity and ability. For Jesus it is not good enough to give him lips service, love his teaching and embrace his wisdom without actions. Jesus prefers us to love him in actions with active helping hands and missionary feet. Jesus loves us not simply contemplating his teaching in our mind and heart but each of us must have a ministry to do.

Seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit to find a suitable ministry to serve at your local parish is a good starting point. No ministry is too small and none of them will be forgotten in God's kingdom. To change the world we leave it to God. To change the life of others it is God's work. Our task is giving comfort for others and making life a bit easier to breath because that is the way to introduce the Cosmic Christ to others. Jesus prefers us to serve one and other. Jesus prefers us imitate his way of life to serve because to walk the way of Christ we become more fully human.

Jesus has risen from the death and as followers of Christ we must allow the spirit to penetrate through all of the dead areas in our lives and in our society and have justice for all.