7th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 23/2/2014 - Gospel: Mt 5: 38-48
Move on
The Old Testament law allows one to get even within limits. Victim could get equal for what he/she had lost such as an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth. The law limits retaliation and disproportionate revenge by setting restrictions in the purpose to give protection for both the victim and the offender. It didn't allow the whole family or a clan to get involved for fear of fractions and war. Revenge often begins with one individual and spreads to the extended family members and to the whole tribe. Revenge as we know it grows and grow until we have accomplished what we set out to do. We want two eyes for an eye or teeth for a tooth.

Jesus proposes the new law or to be more exact He interprets the Mosaic laws in a new way known as the law of love. It is the new commandment.

'Love one another as I have loved you' or 'by this love people know that you are my disciples: love one another'. John 13, 34-35

The new commandment sums up the Ten Commandments in one sentence: love one another and it opens for us a new horizon. We see things with an open mind with a loving heart and that strengthens us to accept a new way of life.  Unconditional love is the key that opens all doors and overcome all obstacles. It erases all revenge and vengeance by means of forgiveness. The law of love has many aspects but we focus upon one of them and that is the power to forgive.

Loving forgiveness is powerful and it makes us more human. Forgiveness makes the weak become strong and enables him/her to forgive. A person may be physically week but spiritually and psychological are strong. The strength comes from within a person that gives the power to forgive and reach out to make friends again. It is the power first to reconcile from within a person before it is shown in action to forgive others. It is the power that helps him/her to see the problem clearly and make the choice the best option that the best option is to forgive and move on. When a person chooses to forgive that person will experience that the burden is lightened and problem is eliminated and finally be destroyed. This experienced brings joy to the person and s/he will loosen the knot of differences. Not everyone can forgive but only person with strong spirituality can forgive because real love comes from God and the love of God in that person enables a person to forgive. Forgiveness happens when a person is able to shake off their own problems and reaches out to forgive. Forgiveness doesn't means that we are weak or passive but it makes us strong in a sense that we are not allowing problems to burden us but we take control of our own life, not problems.  Jesus often confronted those around Him, but He had never taken revenge. Jesus has never wished those who mocked or ridiculed him to be harmed but He patiently waits for them to reconcile and ask for forgiveness.  Jesus forgave and welcomed them. Jesus was friendly with sinners, ate with them stayed at their home and came to their defence. Forgiveness has the power to restore disrupted friendships and restore broken relationships to a new level. Friendship becomes stronger after the healing process and the forgiveness has taken place. Forgiveness has the power leading to the voluntary conversion of the heart and that is the way of life Jesus pursuit and of his disciples.