6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 16/2/2014 - Gospel: Mt 5: 17-37
The Key
The Greeks invented keys seven thousand years ago as a safeguard for their possessions and to store them in places where nobody else can get access to them. The keys and locks were made from natural materials for protection against theft. The rich demanded better locks for better protection and the keys the Roman's made have been used for the last fifteen hundred years before the birth of electronic keys. Keys in the pass were hidden away after goods were locked up but today keys are our companions wherever we go because without them we can't go very far. Electronic keys don't resemble the key shape because now we have swipe cards or remote control buttons or electronic chips but they all have the same purpose.

Every organization has a key person in charge for the well being of its members and for the advance of the organization.  Jesus is the key to God's kingdom and He helps us to enjoy the richness of God's love. As the key of God's kingdom Jesus has two fold role of his mission on earth.  First, Jesus opens the treasure of God's grace to those who would love to receive it and asks those who receive it put it in practice and share it with others. Jesus unlocks the mystery of God's kingdom by becoming one of us. Jesus used not the language of the angels but human language- the local language- to talk to us. Jesus talked to us through parables and through events we encounter daily. Jesus helps us to open the window within our heart to see God's love for the world and that is His second mission. Each event of our lives is encoding the message of God's love and the more we decode the message the more we see that God is active in our lives and in the world.

No one on this planet knows God better than Jesus who came from God. No one can comprehend God's voice better than God except for His only Son, Jesus. Jesus is the key who opens the mystery of God and also the mystery of each individual. Through Jesus God's mystery are shown and we have some knowledge of our own destiny. Through God's mystery we learnt about the mystery of your own existence. Each one of us is a mystery because we come from God. We are part of God's mystery which is so deep that we don't even know its beginning and its ending. Our life is a fraction of God's mystery evolving around God's love. The more we love God the more we understand about our own existence; the more we deny God's love the more we rely on materialistic things. Those who love God soon learn that we have little control of our own life. We have some control over material things but when it comes to the heart or spiritual things we have no control at all. We have no control over aging, sickness or dying.

The key of Jesus helps us to understand that the uncontrollable parts of our lives must happen before we can enter the ultimate mystery of God's love.