19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 10/8/2014 - Gospel: Mt 14: 22-33
New level of faith
There is a contrast between standing on firm ground and standing on soft or moving water. Jesus was on the shore and the disciples were out in the boat and the sea was rough and the wind became stronger and stronger and the sky darkened. The fishermen by trade knew that they were in trouble and their tiredness and worries and fear increased greatly when the disciples saw something liked a man figure approaching them. He was walking on the rough sea but appeared stabled like walking on firm ground. The fear slowly subsided when they heard the familiar voice telling them fear not, it is the Lord. Peter took the courage to ask Lord to let him approach the Lord. Peter got out of the boat approaching the Lord but the excitement of walking on the water didn't last long when he felt the strong wind coming towards him. Fear took over and he began to sink. Again Peter called out to Jesus and Jesus rescued him. When they both entered the boat Jesus calmed Peter by telling him to have more faith in Jesus and have no doubt about the power of God. He is your companion supporting you both in time of peace and in time of chaos and trials. In time of trial faith often gets weak and we begin to sink deeper and deeper into troubles. Peter's spiritual experience of faith in Jesus helps us to solve the puzzle. When Peter steps out of his boat, he enters turmoil because he desires to join Jesus not to test Him but to be with Jesus. We may not be great believers, but we from time to time experience that our loving God can be found when we reach the limits of the doubts or when the human resources are exhausted. It is good to keep alive the personal experience of the God of surprise in time of trials.

Life can be like a harsh wind, blowing and buffeting us. In time of crises we often weigh the human wisdom and knowledge over the goodness of God. Like Peter at the high se we allow the worries of the moments to take over because we lose sight of God. Jesus never doubts us. He is there for us, even when we doubt about his unconditional love and goodness. Jesus is there for us when we have lost our way. He is true to his promises - I am with you always, till the end of the world. Mat 28,20.

Peter left the boat in the storm with his eyes on Christ. That took great courage. He began to sink when he lost sight of Jesus. His friends were powerless to save him. Peter called out for help and Jesus reached out and rescued him. We are encouraged to rely on our own strength and the strength of friends to solve life problems but never do it without the help of God.

In time of trouble the disciples have difficulty in recognizing Jesus. They didn't know that the figure who walked on the waves was Jesus. But then the figure speaks to them, their doubt slowly subsided. Jesus allows Peter to leave the safety of the boat, to step into the rough sea to be with Him. Jesus allows us to take risk, to step out of where we are now standing, entering the tumult water with him. When we do that our faith in Christ will growth to another level. It deepens our faith in Jesus. Without taking risk for Jesus faith will not grow.