3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 27/1/2013 - Gospel: Lk 1, 1-4; 4, 14-21
Significant events
Different events happen to us daily and it is impossible for us to remember them all. We only record events that are significant for us and let the rest of them come and go. Any event that helps us to grow in wisdom and deepen our knowledge or increase our faith in Jesus is a significant because it becomes a part of us in the process of growing both physically and in knowledge and faith. These significant events often influence our outlook for the future and become a frame of reference that shapes our thinking.

Significant events of our ancestors are recorded to form the history of mankind. Whether they are good or bad we need to learn from them. For the benefits of mankind we hope to learn the good events of the pass and try to avoid evil ambitions that stained the history of the human race. Through historically significant events we hope to achieve knowledge and then transform that information so it becomes wisdom of our own. 

The process of helping other people learnt more about the teaching of Jesus is what the evangelist had in mind when he wrote the Gospel of Luke. Luke didn't record in his writings everything about Jesus, but selective elements- whatever events that he thought would be significant for him and for the faith community.

I in turn, after carefully going over the whole story from the beginning, have decided to write an ordered account for you. Lk 1,3

At the beginning of his Gospel, Luke chose the account of Jesus is the Anointed to tell us that God has chosen Jesus to do God's mission by means of revealing God's love for the world. Through Jesus the world sees God in him. The presence of Jesus in the world is considered as the visible sign of God's love for the world. Through Jesus, God is active in our world. Jesus' teaching is God's teaching. The revelation of God's love for the world is revolutionary because Jesus began his public ministry in a wayward manner. Jesus' revelation of God's love began with giving comfort for the poor, liberty to captives, sight to the blind, setting free the downtrodden and proclaiming the Lord's year of favour. In other words Jesus made the unknown known, the voiceless voiced, the captives freed. Jesus became the voice, the ears, the eyes and the hand of the marginalized. He brought hope to people who had lost all hope by proclaiming the Lord's year of favour to them and restored their hope in the Lord. His message is here, right now; they don't have to wait for it to happen but starts today.

This text is being fulfilled today even as you listen. Lk 4,21

The text is being fulfilled now because it is proclaiming not by a prophet but by the Chosen One. The text is being fulfilled for those whose eyes fixed on Jesus. Eyes that were not fixed on Jesus probably were waiting for much longer but eyes fixed on Jesus have to wait no more because the Lord's year of favour is right here and now.