20th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 18/8/2013 - Gospel: Lk 12:49-53
Culture of life
The celebration of different cultures of life is the celebration of unity and faith sharing. We share not just the doctrine of faith but share the ways we put faith into practice. In practice faith is expressed through traditions and customs. Different cultures have different way to express faith and we include the cultural diversity in our worship. Including different cultures to worship helps not to depart from the universal liturgy but to deepen and enrich it. We embrace the different ways that enrich and bring meaning to our inner spiritual journey. The celebration of different cultures helps to renew of the traditional liturgy and makes it relevance to the modern world.

We appreciate different cultures of life because life comes from God and born out of God's love. In every Christian heart there is the culture of life with a common purpose that is to sustain and promote and enrich life.  The culture of life is deep within a person and when it is expressed in faith each person has his or her own way to express it. Faith in public worship is acceptable in so far as it is in harmony and to bring peace and God's love to others. Each society has different ways to express their faith in public and we can learn from them. The appreciation of different cultures of life provides the opportunity for us to learn, to communicate and to interact with one another. The more we communicate and interact the more we recognize the differences and the commonality of the expression of faith of a person. Faith is expressed in events throughout pilgrimage life and the most important one is the end of our earth journey.

We promote diversity in worship because we would like to celebrate with feeling which is deep in our heart. We bring not just the reality of God to our celebration but we place before the Lord our own feeling, our heart and the whole person. Every expression of inner life for God, either done in verbal language or non verbal language, is the sign of showing reverent and respectful in worships. It reveals faith in actions of the faithful.

We are all pilgrim people and we all try the best way we know to show God's love and be witnesses for Jesus. Our community celebrates with an open arm to offer every Christian the equal right to express their faith in Christ and that their prayers in faith will bring hope and sustain peace for the world.