19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C - 11/8/2013 - Gospel: Lc 12:35-40
Life is full of surprises and they are spice of life. They make life more interesting and they often are life giver. Most of surprises come from the ordinary services we provide for others or the daily services we receive from others. If we could prepare and wait for surprises to arrive then it would be a surprise no more. There is no specific method to prepare for the arrival of a surprise because it happens when we least expect it or have no idea of its coming. The best way to prepare for the unpredictability of surprises is to not do extraordinary things but keep doing our daily chores in a normal manner, with an open and a joyful heart. It is through daily events that surprises are born. I am surprised that my encounter with a friend that has changed my life. I am surprised to see that person has changed so much from the last time I saw him which was just several months ago. I have read this gospel message several times before but today it still surprises me. It makes a profound impact in my life when I read it. I received bad news and surprised to feel the peacefulness and calmness after sitting quietly a few minutes before the Lord. There are surprises we don't want them to come and yet they do such as some sort of incurable disease, failure in business, to loose enthusiasm in serving or struggle to find life's solution.

In the parable of the good and faithful servant Jesus told us that it is not what service we provide that is important but the spirit of the service that makes the service worthwhile. The servant has been blessed by the Master not because that servant has done great things but the servant has been faithful to his humble job- a gate keeper. He does it willingly and with joy and that makes the difference. He waits for the Master to return without making any complains about the time the Master arriving on time or too early or too late.  He is not worried that whether the Master would return at midnight or early in the morning. Whatever time the Master returns he is ready. The readiness to serve makes him a good and faith full servant.  For that reason he is being blessed and promoted to a higher level of service. True disciples of Jesus will always be ready to serve, giving service with love, not out of fear or looking for promotion. It is the true love deep from his heart that makes him a trustworthy servant. It is the recognition of the love the Master; in the first place that makes him loves the Master in return. Providing services or being witnesses for the kingdom are his first priority. Everything else is only helps him to serve with love for the Master.

The biggest surprise of all is the sense of your life well spent. After years of service you look back and see you had gone through all the hardships and difficulties of life and yet you don't feel regretful but satisfied and that is the biggest surprise of all.