1st Sunday of Advent Year C - 2/12/2012 - Gospel: Lk 21, 25-28, 34-36
Advent is a time to wait in hope for something we are longing for.  Business people are longing to sell more goods during the Christmas season.  Workers are longing for an extended break and to enjoy a Christmas party.  Students are waiting to enjoy sunshine and summer holidays.  Children are waiting to unwrap Christmas presents.  Christians share these longings with the rest of the world and also await the celebration of the birth of Christ.  This celebration is special because we give thanks to God for sending His only Son to live amongst us.

Advent is also a time of longing for Jesus as well. 
Jesus is patiently waiting for us to recognize that He, born in a manger, is the Son of God incarnated.  Jesus is waiting for people to recognize that He alone has the power to establish peace on earth and in our hearts.  He will heal the broken hearted, destroy racial differences and bring unity.

Jesus tells us that we need to actively wait for his Second Coming.  This means:
  • We need to return to God's way of life—to live a life of faith and love. 
  • It means taking the teachings of Jesus seriously and practicing them in our daily lives.
  • It means we need to embrace others, see Christ in them and become a Christ bearer for the world. 
This was the mission of Jesus.  The same mission has been given to us to continue.