33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 18/11/2012 - Gospel: Mk 13: 24-33
We often say our future is in our hands and at the same time we know that we have no absolute control of our future. You reap what you sow is the saying. If we work hard we may gain qualifications that secure job for the future and yet there is no guarantee we will have a happy life. A good job generates good income but it is uncertain that happiness will follow. In choosing career for the future how many people would consider the level of stress and pressure at the work place that every profession has. We may consider the prospect of employability but the level of enjoyment and happiness that the job brings about is out of sight and out of mind. We would hope that the job will bring happiness but that kind of hope is baseless. It has no foundation to hope for because work and enjoyment don't always go hand in hand.

Certainly there is an advantage in planning in advance and plan it well would help us to have time for making necessary corrections when things go wrong. Without preparation when bad things happen to us we don't know where to start and confusion and chaos make things worse. We can prepare for tomorrow but our preparation would never be adequate because we don't know if it would be enough. We can only do our best and be ready for the unexpected changes to happen. The unknown element of the future is not always a bad thing. Often it is a spice of life. If we know exactly what we will be happening tomorrow we may not enjoy life as much as when it comes as a surprise.  Surprise born surprises that is a spice of life.

We think bad things happen without warning or symptoms. It does but for various reasons we fail to read the signs. Some people are overconfident saying that it will never happen to me. Other people believe that we think we are incapable of reading signs of the time. I think it is an overstatement. The reality is that we often pay no attention or an inadequate amount of time reading signs and symbols. When we are interested in something we spend an enormous amount of time in that area and neglect to take care of other areas. 

When it comes to the question of eternal life the effort of reading signs and symbols of our spiritual journey fallen into the same pattern.  Some take it seriously; others let it flow with the current. Society and others deny the existence of our spiritual life and prepare nothing for it. There is a cost to pay for ignoring the signs and symbols of our physical body. The price is unimaginable for ignoring signs and symbols of our spiritual journey.  Jesus warns us that those who believe in His teaching need constantly to remind themselves and their friends that it is a reality because everything will pass away but not His words. That day will happen but we don't know when, just be ready. For whom refuses to believe His teaching will live in distress. Fear and panic takes control of their lives and when it happens, except the power of The Son Of Man, human power contributes much more confusion and chaos.