26th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 30/9/2012 - Gospel: Mk 9:38-43, 45, 47,48
Catholic faith is not a private religion
The apostles claimed to have the right to cast out devil spirit, not other people. The question of authority was raised by the apostles. The same problem the Pharisee, Scribes challenged Jesus before.

God can and use any one to do his work. The work of the kingdom is not confined to a single group of chosen people but for every one, catholic and non catholic. Those labour with love and compassion certainly labour for God. Outside the Church there are countless people quietly doing the work of God. I think the apostles probably said nothing if they saw some one gave a beger a cup of water, someone visit the sick in a hospital. They are all good work but they said nothing. They stopped that person simply because that person performed some sort of miracle. There is no distinction between big and small in helping people. They are all good work and God's work.

The late cardinal Thuan made a distinction between God's work and work for God.

It took him 13 years in Jail, several years in confinement to learn this lesson. When he was arrested he was very upset thinking that he was doing for God. All his energy and talent were invested to do the job given. He tried very hard to do it better and now being arrested he felt God betrayed him, let him face the hardship alone.

Nights of sleepless and worries and bitterness one night a new insight arise in his mind that the work you are doing am I have the right to give it to some one who is doing better than you? You think that it is your work. No, it is mine and I can give it to any one I like.

God called different people to labour in his vineyard from time to time and we should be ready and happy to accept any transfer to a new place when there is a need.

In business companies often transfer workers from section to section or even being sent to a new place far away from home. It is quite normal in the business world. I think it is the same in the Church priests and sisters should be ready and happy to accept any transfer.