17th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B - 29/7/2012 - Gospel: John 6:1-15
Jesus - the Bread of Life
Today's Gospel is about the multiplication of the loaves, and is taken from St John's Gospel.  The next four Sunday readings continue the same theme… Jesus, the Bread of Life, given to the world.
  • Jesus showed God's love for the human race in a variety of ways…
  • He gave us signs to tell us that he came from heaven. 
  • He performed miracles to cure sickness and diseases.
  • He gave sight to the blind and life to dead persons.
  • He told us about God the Father.
  • He showed pity for the crowd.
  • He fed the crowds with two fish and five loaves
  • Finally, he feeds us with heavenly bread, the bread of life.
Everything Jesus said and did reveals God's love and care for us.  It does not matter whether we love God or not.  His love and care for us does not change because God is love.  God's love does not depend on the way we behave towards God.  God personally loves each one of us as an individual.  When a person spends time each day to pray that person soon recognizes that God loves them dearly.