Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord (Christmas) - 25/12/2011
Christmas gifts
At Christmas all of us hear the traditional Christmas greeting: 'Merry Christmas' and sometimes people add and 'a happy New Year'. This social Season greeting remains until today and we hope it will remain as such for much longer. Other forms of Christmas celebrations more or less have changed to suit the new age.

Instead of sending Christmas cards via post office today, the abundant electronic Christmas cards are more popular. It is faster, cheaper and more alive with bright colour and live lights. The tradition to open presents at midnight after the Church service became a thing of the pass. Today children know beforehand the gifts they expect parents to give them at Christmas.  They want gifts that are heavily promoted on television screen. The legend that Santa Claus enters the house at night to give children presents becomes history. Furthermore modern housing design has no chimney for Santa to enter.

Whatever gifts you receive at Christmas it is important to remember the original gift. It is the gift of God's only Son, Jesus, who is the father of all gifts and there are no other gifts that are more important than the gift of baby Jesus. It does not make sense if we celebrate Christmas and receive gifts at Christmas without recognizing the gift of peace and love Jesus brings, it is a flaw. Those who embrace the peace and love baby Jesus offers will receive peace of mind and heart full of love.

No gift is more important than the gift of life - Christ is born to the world who is the eternal source of light, wealth, love and peace for people of good will.

I wish to thank you all for your contribution during the year to build up our community of faith, love and care. I wish for you the peace and love that baby Jesus offers will remain in your heart, home and our community.