Pentecost Sunday  Year B - 27/05/2012 - Gospel: Jn 20, 19-23
Flesh and Spirit
To live according to the flesh is to think and act in ways that satisfy the flesh and are self indulgent.  Problems arise from impiety and free will that lead to all sorts of depravity.  This kind of behaviour contributes to the suffering and injustice in society.  To keep our society in good order rules and regulations are formulated to respond.   Mental logic and philosophical reasoning can help to solve some of the problems but may also generate other problems.  Our freewill often becomes our own prison when we strive for self gratification.

In contrast, to live according to the Spirit is to enrich our lives with God's grace.  The Spirit will free us from desire for self gratification to serve for better the common good. When we are open to the Spirit our lives are filled with God's love and this enables us to live a life of love and service.  Guided by the Spirit we choose God's love and grace rather than worldly possessions.  We will work towards reconciliation and peace and promote justice.  Our society will be a better place to live in when we embrace the gift of the Spirit.  This happens when we submit our own freewill to accept the will of God and welcome Jesus into our lives.  Influenced by the Holy Spirit we will be true disciples of Jesus.