Fourth Sunday of Advent Year B - 18/12/2011 - Gospel: Lk 1, 26-38
Come to the world
John the Baptist once prophesized that the man, Jesus, who comes after him, He must be increased and John must be decreased. This prophecy becomes the reality in this week's liturgies. In the fourth week of Advent's readings John the Baptist has moved into the back stage to give way to Mary. She on behalf of the whole human race to say 'yes' to the angel Gabriel when the angel told her that she would be the Mother of God. This encounter is known as the Annunciation. After some worried thoughts, wondering and clarification Mary came to accept the message with the confirmation

Let what you have said be done to me

Mary paved the way for Jesus to enter the world. In return Jesus opened the way that led us to know the love of God. God loves the world more than ever because God's only Son dwells amongst us. Furthermore Jesus comes to gain what we have lost, to restore our image to its original state and to make us brothers and sisters in Christ. Jesus allows us to be co-heirs of God's kingdom and makes us Christ bearers for one another. Christ is its head and we are parts of that holy and mystical body.

Jesus entered the world to show us the way, the truth and the life. We are bystanders no more but actively involved in the life of this mystical body to make Christ know to the whole world by putting into practice what Jesus taught.

As the Way, Jesus shows us the way to live as a human person. We lost ways when we follow our own ways, not God's. It happens when we do not act as a human person; when we relate with one another with less respect and unjust dealings; when we allow anger and frustration dominate our lives; when we use violence to solve conflicts; when we place much stress and pressure upon others and when we fail to see the image of the living and loving God in others.

As the Truth, Jesus shows us the truth because we often confused as to what truth is? It is to embrace God with an open mind, to make room for God in our hearts and to place God above all things. It is to embrace the truth with a thankful heart and never to stop thanking God for creating heaven and earth out of love and for his continuing to look after the entire universe with love and mercy. It is to recognize Jesus Christ who is the Son of God entering the world to give us eternal life.

As Life, Jesus gives us eternal life. God always remains a mystery but through Jesus we come to know and love God. Mary opened herself to welcome the message of the angel and became Mother of Jesus; we too need to open ourselves to welcome Jesus into our lives and learn much about God's love. After receiving the message Mary went to see her cousin. Mary brought the good news with her in this mission trip and that made her cousin Elizabeth and her unborn child jump for joy. We are called to take part in this mission, to bring Christ for others, to bring joy and good news, not sadness, to be witnesses for Christ in our lives, to help others open themselves to the mystery of God's love.

Jesus entered the world as a baby to show us that we need to reborn in Christ. The concept of rebirth in Christ we now understand in the form of the sacrament of the water of the baptism with the universal formula. We are baptised in The Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit. Rebirth in Christ to become a new creation, holy, full of life, and share the life of Christ and His mission.