Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A - 6/11/2011 - Gospel: Mt 25, 1-13
Wisdom and Knowledge
News papers often run advertisements such as 'Successful Finance Seminar or How to Double Money'. These people sell nothing else but knowledge and ideas. They make us believe that knowledge gives power and they are right. Knowledge empowers a person for personal gain and achievement. Knowledge can pass on from person to person by means of teachings.  People are thirsting for knowledge because it gives them power, fame and wealth. These qualities of life, for them, are important. World history proves that knowledge without wisdom is more likely a curse than a blessing because decisions making based on knowledge alone would make others suffer.

There is no wisdom in parking hikes or petrol price rip offs or small print conditions for contract applications or non refundable fees from big companies. There is no wisdom in disputes about the terminology of the meaning of the word 'flood' after the flood early in the year. Knowledge is important and necessary but it is no good to use the power of knowledge alone because it is a double sword edges.

Unlike knowledge, wisdom avoids power, fame and wealth. Wisdom and knowledge do not run parallel because wisdom can't be sold or passed on from person to person. We gain wisdom through humility and through the life of faith. Knowledge helps us to be famous but not wise. It is wisdom that makes a person wise but he may not be famous. Wisdom helps us to love what is good and to avoid what is evil.

Fame and wealth places much stress and pressure upon a person because they are in the state of fluctuation. There is no justification when a person receives salary a thousand times more than others. Their works demand may have much stress and pressure. Yes, it is true but don't they realize that they create stress for themselves and as well as for other in the name of profit made and of competitive world. Stress and pressure exist because we create them.

Wisdom liberates us from fear and stress and helps us to love God and love our neighbours. The power of love enables us to live a life of love. A person with great knowledge may live in luxury but a wise person enjoys life more.

Christianity teaches us that true knowledge is associated with humility, because humility opens the door to wisdom. It is not knowledge but wisdom that makes us a good person who is at right with God and friends of others. It is the humble person that Jesus praises not the arrogant and the learned. Without humility religious knowledge would fool us to take a wrong path that leads to destruction of faith and subsequently divisions of faith in Christ is unavoidable. This explains why the world has many religious cults who promote the same God, Jesus Christ, and yet their doctrines teach differently. Without wisdom conscience votes do not reflect the Gospel values. It is a mere co responsibilities rather than relying in faith of God for guidance.

The lesson of the five people who carried lanterns without extra oil in today's gospel tells us that wisdom can't be shared and materials sometimes are useless. People who were not allowed to attend the wedding banquet not because lacked of money but lacked preparedness. The delay in coming of the bridegroom is to demonstrate the wisdom and foolishness of the participants.